The elixir of youth

Discover the oil with miraculous virtues, made from the seeds of prickly pears.

Pure oil, without additives, from a 100% organic agriculture

Improve your skin care routine today !

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Pure oil, from 100% organic farming

Softens and hydrates the skin in depth

Boosts cell renewal

Regulates Oily Skin And Nourishes Dry Skin

Strengthens your nails and makes them less brittle

Nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber

The most powerful anti-aging

Its richness in Vitamin E, Omega 6 and Sterols makes this precious oil an exceptional ingredient to fight against the signs of skin aging. It works wonders to maintain the suppleness and the tonicity of the skin.

Visible results after 10 days of use

100% organic certified product meets all standards


Very high content of Vitamin E, promotes skin regeneration

Recommended by the best skin care specialists


How about a brand new skin ?

This Elixir is exceptionally rich in Omega 6 which allows it to regenerate the skin's hydrolipidic film. This oil is softening, it allows to maintain the elasticity and the vivacity of the skin. In addition to the Omega 6, this oil contains fatty acids which take part in the reconstitution of the cells and thus in the cutaneous regeneration

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3 in 1 Oil

In addition to these virtues in connection with the skin, the oil of prickly pear is very nourishing for the dry, brittle and weakened hair, and that thanks to these fatty acids. In addition to the skin and hair, this beauty elixir allows you to tone and smooth your nails and facilitates the removal of cuticles and dry skin around.

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Pure oil, without additives, 100% organic certified by Ecocert SA

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Face care : use the pipette and apply a few drops to the face, neck and neckline every evening on clean skin. Massage gently in upward circular movements.

Hair Care : apply 10 drops to your hair, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes (30 minutes to an hour for dry hair) then wash your hair. This oil will bring suppleness and shine to your hair.

Nail care : apply a drop on each nail by executing circular movements, our miraculous oil will treat the fragile nails and you will obtain strong and smooth nails. 

Visible results after 10 days of use !!

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How can I be sure that your oil is pure ?

Our oil is 100% ORGANIC, from a totally biological agriculture. Our product is certified by various organizations including Ecocert SA, you will find our certificates on our official store

How long will it take for the results to appear ?

With daily use, 7 to 8 drops each night, your results will be visible after 10 days.

What type of skin is this oil suitable for ?

Prickly pear seed oil is suitable for all skin types, it regulates oily skin and nourishes dry skin.

How long does it take to ship your products ?

We take 24 hours to process your order, then 4 to 7 working days to deliver it.

Do you provide product tracking information ?

Yes, once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the necessary information. If you do not receive an email you can contact us at

I received a damaged item. What can I do about it ?

We are sorry to hear about this. Simply send us an image of the damaged item to the following email address : and we will send you a similar replacement item as soon as possible.

About Us

Zayana Skin Care is a company specializing in the production of natural vegetable oil, mainly the oil of prickly pear.

This project on a human scale is associated with the organization PAMPAT, in a common desire to promote the prickly pear as well as the products of the Tunisian soil.

Having multiple virtues, the oil of prickly pear seeds is a powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamin E. It is defined as an elixir of youth, by its moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging.

It is also recognized for its repairing and firming qualities, which also help to eliminate stretch marks.

We have two complete production lines at the cutting edge of technology, one allowing exclusively the development of prickly pear, and the other allowing the extraction of other vegetable oils. The latter is part of a future desire to diversify our product range (sweet almond oil, castor oil, pomegranate seed oil ...). Our machines allow us to guarantee a great production capacity as well as an optimal quality for our products. Moreover, we commit ourselves, in the respect of the international standards, not to test our products on animals.

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